Cummins Open Type Diesel Generator

Cummins is the largest foreign engine invested enterprise in China which has invested more than 140 million US dollars. It owns Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (which produces M, N, K series ) and Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (which produces B, C, L series ), producing the engines with universal global quality standards, providing reliable and efficient guarantee due to its international service network. The products comply with the standards based on  ISO 3046、ISO 4001、ISO 8525、IEC 34-1、GB1105、GB/T 2820、CSH 22-2、VDE 0530 and YD/T502-2000《Requirements of diesel generator sets for telecommunications》. Gongfeng Cummins Generator Sets(CCEC): B, C, L series four-stroke diesel generators,with in-line 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models, displacement including 3.9L、5.9L、8.3L、8.9L etc., power covered from 24KW to 220KW, integrated modular structural design, compact structure and weight, high efficiency and stable performance, low failure rate, low maintenance cost. Chongqing Cummins Generator Sets(DCEC): M、N、K series have more models like in-line 6-cylinder, V-type 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder, easy for operation and maintenance, power ranged from 200KW to 1200KW, with the displacement of 14L、18.9L、37.8L etc. The sets design for continuous power supply in view of its advanced technology ,reliable performance and long working hours. It can run steadily in various situations such as mining, power generation, highway , telecommunications,construction, hospital, oil field etc. Cummins generators structural features: (1) Most are equipped with unique PT fuel system(except for B、C series) (2) Use ω combustion chamber. (3) Roller type cam followers. (4) Most of the fuel and oil passages are installed inside the cylinder block and cylinder head. (5) Wet cylinder liner with phosphorization treatment. (6) The crankshaft is forged with alloy steel, the journal is inductive hardening. (7) The first ring groove of all pistons has nickel alloy cast iron inserts to improve the life. Cummins sets supply standards: Diesel EngineCUMMINS direct injection internal combustion diesel engine Alternator:STAMFORD brush-less self-excited AC synchronous generator (optional PMG!) Radiator with safety protection device 24V starting motor,24V self-charging generator, LCD intelligent self-starting control system MCCB air protective switch Built-in stainless steel absorber for general bottom frame High-performance maintenance-free lead-acid battery and copper battery connection cable Pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant fuel inlet and return oil pipelines, and a fast oil drain valve installed at the bottom of the diesel engine Documentation : engine and generator original technical data / controller operation manual /instruction and maintenance manual / test report / delivery list Cummins sets optional parts: ATS Automatic parallel cabinet Daily fuel tank Self-starting screen Remote computer interface other spare parts

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