Oil Platform


Generating sets are widely applied in oil fields for living, project and drilling improvement, often as the primepower.LEES provides generating sets of outstanding performance to offshore drilling platforms; meanwhile special CO2 fire extinguishing system is added to improve anti-explosion performance; LEES also offers a complete power solution.

Industry Characteristics

The environment for offshore drilling platform is extremely bad, hot in the day and chilly at night with moist air, high salt content; and denotation occurs easily.

Product Requirements

1. Working environment: twenty meters above sea level; ambientenvironment temperature is -20℃~+45℃; and the relative humidity is 98%.

2. Noise requirement: low power range: (not higher than 500kW), the noise is required within 65~75dB(A)/7m; high power range :( above 500kW) noise is required within 75~90dB(A)/7m.

3. Safety measures: explosion, damp, salt mist, weatherand noise proof.

4. Performance guarantee: strong anti-rust and corrosion resistance; stable operation under extreme environment such as high and low temperature.

Tontek Power Gensets’Advantages