Sewage Gas Generator


Sewage gas is produced by anaerobic decomposition of organic materials.The main significance of sewage gas power generation has two aspects. One is energy conservation and emission reduction. There are tens of thousands of tons of sewage each year, generating a lot of gas. The waste gas is collected centrally to prevent pollution emissions. Power generation from the gas produced by waste fermentation, making harmful gas waste to be used for power generation

TONTEK POWER sewage gas generator can run with highly steady and excellent performance. It has much longer life-span and very economic in price based on wonderful quality. High power density reduces installation size and costs, and low vibration has almost no impact on the surrounding environments. It is easy for maintenance and operation. The main application is power stations,construction sites, mining and other situations.

Main Features

●High quality components are selected from the top international manufacturers, with high reliability and perfect performance.

● The maintenance cost is low and the repair cycle is long .

● The controller has a historical operation recording function for troubleshooting and inspection.

● Rugged structure ensures lowest vibration.

● Perfect electrical efficiency, use sewage to generate more electricity and reduce purchases from the grid.

● Extremely high reliability with minimal maintenance costs.

● Use unique hoisting design, external paint process, with high function of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

● All components of the generator set are carefully designed to work perfectly with the system for optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

● Help for reducing the greenhouse effect and promoting multiple ecological cycles.

● Modular structure design can be quickly installed and put into use.

● Good start-up performance and high start-up success rate.

●The set is durable, runs safely and stably, and has strong environmental adaptability.

● Special design set for longer overhaul time.